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Be the answer that they so desperately need


Life is tough: Challenge yourself physically and mentally

It doesn’t matter about the time on the clock, it’s the impact you make. We aren’t concerned with how long we spend on the phone with our helpseekers, what matters is the connection you make. (TO BE CHECKED)

We know what it takes to train – it takes us XXXX to train a crisis support worker at Lifeline, it’s a commitment. Whilst you pound the pathways in preparation for your run, individuals from all over Australia are learning how to keep communities suicide safe. Together you aim to reach the same goal….safe a life

We’ve been here before– We understand the journey is not always easy there will be roadblocks but we’re equipped to help you

We invented support – You can rest assured that on your journey we’ll be there every step of the way…. During training and on race day.