Abbey Caldwell

Make sure you understand why you’ve signed up for the 14km event and let that put a smile on your face. Whether it's to try something new, chase a new personal best or to jump in and raise funds for these amazing charities. Make sure it makes you smile and feel good about what you’re doing!

  • Find a training buddy. It’ll help hold you accountable if you lose motivation in the lead up, plus keep you company!
  • Fuel yourself with the right foods and lots and lots of water. Trial new foods and recipes to see what works best before and after exercise for your body.
  • Trusting the process is vital. Being credulous to the training and work you’ve put in will allow you to be ready and confident when it's go time!
  • Ensure you’re getting adequate sleep. Make sure you’re aiming for 9+ hours particularly after training days, it’s the best form of recovery.

Georgia Winkcup

Get the right shoes

My first tip for anyone wanting to give the City2Surf a go this year would be to find a good pair of running shoes and some comfy running gear in order to both look the part and, more importantly, to minimise any risk of injury or discomfort during the race. 

Fuel up

Whether you’re a professional or everyday runner, it is incredibly important to properly fuel yourself before you step out for the virtual City2Surf. This means that you’ll need to eat a big meal the night before you run filled with carbohydrates and protein and that you will also need to eat something light for breakfast before you head out in the morning. 

Find your motivation

The City2Surf can be a gruelling race whether you’re running through the Eastern suburbs or ticking off the kilometres virtually so I’d recommend finding something that motivates you throughout the race whether it be an absolutely smashing playlist, a beautiful running location or a good running pal to get you through the race.


The City2Surf is a 14 kilometre race so I’d definitely recommend stepping out for a run or walk a few times before you have a crack at the full race. It might also be useful to plan and practice your route before you race it and to ensure that you have some water stops along the way.  

Warm up

It’s important to warm up before you head out for any race so make sure to stretch and do a few dynamic movements such as leg swings to limber up your legs before you have a crack at the race.