Dedicate Your Big Day To The Next Caller

My Gift to Lifeline

We all love getting pressies, and we’ve all heard that it’s better to give than receive. So, why not do both and turn gifts for you into hope for others when you dedicate your big day to Lifeline.

I’m Ready To Start

Your special fundraising page

It could be your engagement, wedding or anniversary – whatever the occasion we would be honored if you dedicated your big day to Lifeline. Just ask your friends and family to share their love by making a donation to your special fundraising page instead of buying a gift.

Lifeline birthday fundraiser

This year, make your birthday really special by dedicating it to helping others. Ask your friends and family to make a donation to your Lifeline birthday fundraiser instead of buying you presents. This selfless act on your special day will make sure that the next caller is heard in their darkest hour.

How others did it

Be like Mike

Mike rode across the UK over 10 days for his 50th birthday, to fundraise for Lifeline Australia, Mike felt it very important to give back to his community. Mike utilised his business and social network, driven by his vested interest in suicide prevention as we are all touched by its increasing prevalence through work, friends of family, including his teenage children. Youth suicide prevention was his main driver, Mike was determined to give back.

The ride was worth it, Mike raised $13,615.07.

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