Kick A Bad Habit For A Great Cause

Quit it

How long could you be without your caffeine fix, TV, social media, beer or wine? Don’t worry we don’t expect you to give them all up and it doesn’t have to be forever – a month should satisfy most people. By being without, you’re helping make sure that next call won’t go unanswered.

I’m Ready To Start

Show your commitment to Lifeline and Be Without your favourite vice for a month.

You could ask friends to sponsor you a dollar a day or donate a lump sum for the month. You could top up the total by donating the money you’ll save by not buying coffee, beer or whatever it is that you’re giving up. Daily posts to social media (unless that’s what you’re giving up) can document your journey and help make sure people don’t forget to donate.

How others did it

Be like Trudie.

Trudie created her own fundraiser throughout COVID19 - Lockless for Lifeline. Trudie pledged to shave her head for Lifeline. Inspired by lived experience, Trudie incentivised her donors with votes on what colour to dye her buzzcut after shaving – this helped Trudie achieve her goal and kept it fun!

The sacrifice was worth it, Trudie raised $2046.39

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