Start Your Lifeline Fundraiser

The longest journey begins with a single step; your fundraising journey starts with a single click.

Your first step is to decide how you’re going to Be The Answer and make sure that next caller is heard.

Choose the fundraiser that best suits you from the options below and let your journey begin.


Run, cycle, swim or walk to help keep the phones running.

the host

Be it a morning tea or a BBQ, a movie night or disco - gather all of your favourite people together to have a lots of fun to support a serious cause.

the light

Join us on World Suicide Prevention Day for our Out of The Shadows Walk.


What will you go without to help others? Coffee or beer, social media or smoking – what will you give up to stop calls going unanswered?


When it comes to celebrating your big day (birthday, wedding, anniversary) ask your loved ones to make a donation to save others instead of buying a gift.


You don’t have to follow our suggestions if you have your own fantastic idea for a fundraiser – go for it!

a team

Gather your friends and unleash individual superpowers for a shared cause. You'll go further with more of you.

Still not sure what’s the best way for you to Be The Answer?

Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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