In memory of Bradley Murchie

By Chrystal Hilton


For the whole month of September I have chosen to give up energy drinks and donate what i would spend weekly on cans of energy drinks for Lifeline to raise money and awareness to help prevent suicides in Australia.

The reason im doing this is because 10 years ago i lost someone very close to me unexpectedly to suicide. It turned my life completely upside down. After losing Brad i realised very quickly how little suicide it spoken about and little people understand suicide. There were some people in our lives that started to avoid us completely truely because they didn't know what to say or how to act around us. Its time to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental health, suicide and suicide prevention.

On average 8 people die from suicide a day in Australia. That's more than double the road toll. 75% of those to take their own life are male.Β 

So in honour of Brad i hope together we start raising more awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. Help me spread the word that it's okay to not be okay and to reach out to those round youΒ 

Please help me achieve my goal to get one step closer ensuring that no one has to face their darkest moments aloneπŸ’œπŸ’œ Thank youΒ 

Lots of love

Thank you to my Supporters


Chrystal Hilton




Miranda Parkes

So proud of you πŸ’–xx


The Storm Xx

Well done Chryslar God bless you and your family 😘😘


Huda Saliba


Samar Saliba

U doing great darling love u 😘


Watfa Livvos

Be strong love you 😘


Tala Elhindi