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Summer Series 8km Challenge

Let 2022 be a year full of support, empathy and kindness for one another. We often aren’t aware of the silent battles the people around us may be facing (depression, anxiety, grief). The last two years have been tough for so many! I am so grateful for the people who have shown kindness and supported me through life’s ups and downs. 

For the next few weeks I’m taking part in Lifeline’s Summer Series 8km Challenge to help raise awareness for mental health and support Lifeline in preventing suicide and in reaching those who may be struggling. 

Any donations towards Lifeline would be amazing as I complete the challenge and walk 8km each day until the 21st of Jan. 💙💙💙 Starting the challenge on a 37 degree day was not ideal! 🙈 but we got there.

Ps let me know if you’re joining in on the challenge and what your daily km goal is, so we can support each other ✌🏽

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Lauren Cameron


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You are amazing Lemon x