Connection, Compassion and empowerment

By Lauren Ensor

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My target 42 kms

The tiniest of acts can safe a life

As a family last year we learnt “mental health doesn’t discriminate and everyone is vulnerable”. Throughout my brothers battle he was a beacon of hope for so many. To continue his legacy we wholeheartedly support Lifeline Australia @lifelineaustralia Mathew passed just a day before world suicide prevention day (10th of September) on the 9th of September 2019. With this year so many more have passed, including the increase in youths.
We are committed to empowering others to be safe, through connection, compassion and hope. This year it was my goal to run a marathon, however with most cancelled or going virtual, I’ll be running on behalf of my brother and others affected by COVID or requiring support @lifelineaustralia and empowering others to be safe, connect through hope and compassion. 
Join me for a little or the whole 42kms or please donate as much or as little as you can at this very unprecedented time. 
- Sunday 13th September.
- 6:30am from the Merthyr road river bend.
* Promise it will be slow and steady. 🦋💫

One of the most compassionate, caring, wisest and empathetic leaders I have worked with once reminded me we all have the “license to be vulnerable”; known how much this reinstated with me, I was stubborn and thought I could take matters and my emotions into my own hands. Please remember we all have the ‘license to be vulnerable’ for the good, the bad and the ugly. The strong, the resilient and drivers. Especially at this time of uncertainty. Thank you to this 2 wonderful women who not all supported me but reminded me what’s important. 

Please help me support the message of HOPE for so many of our loved ones, friends, colleagues,  acquaintances and many more out there needing support. Reach out, don’t be affraid. Utilise the power of connection and know you’re not alone. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Sarah Gunn

Go Lommy, Go!!!! Brilliant cause. So proud of you and your amazing family. xoxo


Lauren Pollard


Winston Terracini


Lou Johnstone



Rhonda Stafford

42kms - WOW - amazing wonderful legacy - I’m sure Mat would be cheering you on xx Love auntie Ronnie Uncle Paul & family xx


Cunningham Valuers

Great work Lom. I will be cheering you every step of the way in spirit. Tim


Anna Turvoll

Run like the wind lommy! X


Pam Ensor


Louise Ferguson

Go lom! Go get em girl! xx


Laurel Meadows

Proud of you Lauren - great memories of Mat - love Nanna xx



So very proud of you, Lauren. For your determination and resilience xx


Nikki Gorham

So proud of you my beautiful friend! Such a great way to spread a positive message xoxo


Annie Hirst

Go Lommy, you legend!! Xoxo


Doug Burn

So very proud love mum and dad xx


Chris Tickle

Congratulations Lom! Such a great cause xx


Alana Hands

Go Lommy! You’ve got this - you’re amazing! Thinking of you and your beautiful family. Love the Hands-Fam


Rachel Hoare


Emma Knights



Julia Zielke

You are amazing babe! Well done xx


Jess, Simon, Sadie And Ivy Gelling

Amazing accomplishment a Lommy!! We are so proud of you x


Catherine Parkinson

Amazing work for a great cause Lauren! Xx


Heather Roscoe

Congratulations Lauren, be very proud, you are making a difference! ♥️ Auntie Hed xxx



Go Lommy! You are an inspiration and your brother would be so proud of you xx


Pavla Goodwin

Go Lommy, You’ve got this!! So incredibly proud of you xx


Tiffany Robertson


Fanco Sing

Really great cause, run strong Lauren! You’ll smash it!


Peter Todd

Go Lauren


Brian Sikimeti


Blake Wheaton

Lauren it’s only pain! Give it heaps.


That Pilates Passion

I hope this gets me off the hook of running the whole thing with you haha. You’re amazing. Get it gurl x


Jess Gleeson

Sending love and strong ankles! Xx


Nicole Sliwa

Truly beautiful and inspirational woman! Mathew would be so proud of you 😘


Kristin Panchetti

I will be there running with you for the last 5 km...but following you the whole you xoxo


Alessia & Aurora

Go Auntie Lommy! Love you



Good luck! xo


Fiona Parks

Stay strong. Your words were so touching.


Jaimee Doyle

All the best for the run Lom!


Videa Knowles

I’m too out of shape for 42kms!! Supporting you from the Sidelines x


Kim Berkhout

You are so strong. Sending you much love and encouragement xx


Aimee Smith

Good Luck Lauren. Aimee x


Lauren Ensor


Genevieve Messina

Lommy you are my inspiration! I love you and all that you do xxx


Liesa And Annie

The light shines bright in you, thank you for bringing more sunshine into our world!


Don Matheson