Blissfulness Lifeline Fundraiser

By Monika Catena

It’s been too long since I’ve been able to run a fundraiser through my side hustle and there’s no time better than the present after the year that was and the significant affect that the rona left.

We’ve all been affected by mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety either personally or by watching a loved one suffer so .. it’s time to give. 

With a variety of treatments available to choose from there’s no excuse not to give to this extremely important cause.

Friday 12th Feb - Sunday 14th Feb.

I’ll be on a marathon of waxing, tweezing, lifting lashes and masking them beautiful faces!! 

Ladies wax your gents for Valentine’s Day if they’re brave enough (I promise to supervise) .. alternatively Gents purchase a gift certificate for your lovely lady and the proceeds will be your donation.

Thank you to my Sponsors




Harry Berry

Love your work rippa effort



Wishing all the success have fun and enjoy Love Dimistar. Xo