Bec's 2,021km adventure

By Rebecca Chappell

Throughout my life I have struggled with anxiety and depression.

I have a personal connection to lifeline, not only has a family member volunteered her time to the amazing Lifeline, but I too have called Lifeline, seeking advice during a very painful period in my life.

I think raising awareness, and reducing the stigma around calling resources like Lifeline are a must.

When I have confided in people that I have rung Lifeline, people instantly think I was in danger of taking my own life, I wasn't, but i was distraught and had no where else to turn. 

I needed someone to talk to in that instant, and the brilliant lifeline volunteers I spoke with calmed me down and helped me see that there was hope, and that this was just another part of life's journey. 

In life we all face struggles, at different stages we may feel alone, lost and confused as to where to turn. I want to raise awareness that in these dark moments Lifeline are there to help. 

I am raising money for Lifeline because I believe they have saved many lives, and will continue to save many lives, but charities like this don't exist without the support of those who speak up and do something to raise money and awareness.

Please get behind me as a move 2,021kms in 2021 for this amazing cause.
I will be walking and running... maybe I will even ride a bike (unlikely!)