Zowie's Bday Fundraiser

By Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn

My 23rd birthday is coming up and I miss my daddo!!!!

Brendan was a wonderful musician and partner to my mum, Penelope, as well as the loving father of my brother Maxwell and I, and the son of Pat, my nana.

Brendan fought mental illness throughout his life, including depression and schizophrenia. I was three when he died, just after he tried to commit himself to a psychriatric hospital, but he was turned away because the beds were full. Sadly this is the case for many, including in my home state of Tasmania, where patients are being discouraged and even traumatised from trying to seek help.

We will always miss our family and friends lost to suicide.

I am raising money for Lifeline because I believe it is a vital service - especially in the time of COVID-19, when so many people are under pressure from isolation, precarious employment and a sense of despair.

When Lifeline was cut in the NT in 2016 it was a great loss. I hope that it will continue to be funded so that it will reach all states in the country.

Please help me reach my goal. Every dollar counts!

Thank you in memory of Brendan and so many countless others,


Thank you to my Supporters



We have not met but I grew up with your father and think about him often. Brendan was extraordinary in so many ways and the friendship we had is something I treasure to this day. He would be very proud of you.


Patricia Kinghorn

He would be so proud of you and Maxwell



So proud of you today and every day.





Zachary Williams


Freya Cooper


Kate Mason

Happy Birthday! In our family we are surrounded by mental illness. We know what it is to live with invisible diseases. This is a wonderful thing to do as it raises awareness and money. Lifeline makes a difference every day.


Ariel Remund


Aaron Benham

An excellent birthday idea. You are a kind and generous soul <3 Love, Aaron


Zac Schulz


Zowie Douglas-kinghorn



Wishing all the best Zoe! Happy birthday


Amity Franks

I hope you have a lovely birthday Zowie mate :) thanks for sharing a bit about this charity too, how important


Damien Buckland


Madeline Bailey






Elsa Beinssen-henry

i love you zowie this is very brave and important